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Behind The Name “A Woman Called Fancy”

Hello there!

A Woman Called Fancy. Sometimes I wonder why this name could not get outta my head, it just sticked badly like chewing gum to your shoe, but after a while I just stop thinking about it. It does not need any reason nor a purpose. It is just fated. Yes, fate. And I am so thankful for that one best friend; Rachit who first called me that way. Nepali guy, with adorable curly hair. We called him “Rock Star”, because he has the coolest songs in his iPod. 😎

Never expect that 2008 was my year of life changing, after endless tears and heartbroken a few years before. It was truly a blessing from God. As fated as it is, we are all children of the world; come from different countries, Burma, Pakistan, Nepal, China, Taiwan, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and well I am the only Indonesian🙂 seeking for better future at foreign land. Being out there all on your own ain’t easy. It is a jungle out there, indeed. You gotta face it regardless you like it or not. College days was rather smooth; filled with exams, and projects just like school days. Only then it came to a more challenging stage when us fresh graduates had to come out to impress those HR from Hilton, Marina Mandarin, Le Meridien, Pan Pacific, Sheraton, and a bunch of other big names that we could not even imagined that time. Lol.

And thereafter you could call me a proud Le Meridien family, with FOT (Front Office Trainee) position, welcomed you at the center of Orchard Rd. What could possibly went wrong? Nothing at all, it was a dream comes true. Blessed to got to know them fellow colleagues; some with the purest heart like Celeste & Fred, role model like Sutha & Augustine, hardcore but friendly like Anthony, or merely P.I.T.A (pain in the *ss) like (sorry) Mansoor🤭. People come and go in life but those people, those names I would cherish forever. You can not buy experience, you must undergo it. There is no substitute for it.

“Life experience is the best teacher.” -David Letterman
“Experiences from our youth shape what we do later in life.” -Jan Koum
“Experience is not what happens to you. It’s what you do with what happens to you.” –Aldous Huxley

Voila! We are finally at the bottom line of my first blog everrrrr. The blog is totally unplanned. This morning waking up and I just had this urge to write something; whether it’s a review of any foodies & goodies, traveling tips & trips, or whatever story happening out there.

Hey you! Yes, you. Thank you for reading my blog. And thank you God. ❤


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