Supreme Oreos: Facts, Price and Taste

The irresistible ‘double stuffed’ creme filling of red Supreme Oreo

Since the first time launched in February early this year at Supreme’s New York stores and posted on their official Instagram on March 26th, Supreme Oreo has become one of the highly-anticipated and best-selling products worldwide. It hits the retail in U.S for US$3 per packet; quoted from the Instagram @supremenewyork caption however it escalated quickly to a selling price over thousands of dollars, and bids of up to US$ 92,000 on e-commerce site (eBay).


Supreme x Oreo sandwich cookies (pack of 3)

Here’s a list of selling price in few countries (source from various e-commerce sites):
U.K: £11,99 – £18
Europe: €25 – €30
U.A.E: AE$170 in Dubai.
East Asia: HK$99 – HK$180 in Hong Kong, $250 – $980 in Taiwan, ¥1,799 – ¥4,800 in Japan.
South-East Asia: S$18 – S$25 in Singapore, THB890 – THB 1,000 in Thailand, RM100 – RM150 in Malaysia, and Rp.300,000 – Rp.1,200,000 in Indonesia.
Australia: AU$15 – AU$28.


To know more of how the price of this hyped product can be skyrocketed, we have to start from the history of Supreme itself. The brand was founded by James Jebbia, and the first Supreme store which is a skate shop, opened in an old office space on Lafayette Street in downtown Manhattan, New York City in April 1994.

It’s no doubt that Supreme’s hype game is strong, and the success is inseparable from expertise in the marketing field. The latest promotion from this famous, billion-dollar company is one of their brilliant move in food industry, after few successful collaborations with celebrities and athletes over the years.

One of the main reason of why Supreme products, or in this case Supreme Oreos are so expensive is because of their exclusivity. The products are released in a small quantities and seasonal thus it’s a limited-edition. It can be easily sold out within minutes or even seconds bought up by the Hypebeasts (Supreme biggest fans) and resellers.



Some commented that Supreme Oreos taste is more ‘artificial’, unlike the typical Oreo cookies.
Others claimed that it’s pretty much identical to a regular Oreo.
And surprise no surprise, few of them who buy Supreme Oreos are reluctant to try. “It’s just too cool to eat it!”, they said.

However, for those who haven’t tried and would like to try, might not have the chance anymore since all Supreme Oreos products have expired on June 29th last month. And due to their exclusivity factor, unlikely there will be a 2nd batch for Supreme Oreos.

For those who have tried before, feel free to share your review on the comments below!

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