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I Wish, Oh I Wish

What do you wish for?

Me, you, her, him, us, them, the sun, the moon, the star, the universe, fortune, time, fate and love..

I wish I was back to day one.
Sleepless child and love divine.
Yet, my years gone in silent scream.
So long and goodbye, teenage dream.

I wish you were still here.
I wish I was stronger in everything.
When the days fell apart you used to be here.
But it’s a world full of lies and acting.

I wish to be the perfect her.
The magnetic attraction that push me to desperation.
Overwhelming and surreal.
I see myself fades away in such a way.

I wish if only it was someone else.
I dream and pray it was him.
The charming persona that almost blinds me.
But not the universe.

I wish there’s still time for all of us,
to be much kinder and tender.
Spend the time wisely to love more,
not to regret it later in life.

I wish for a peace of mind,
to forget and to forgive them.
The agony they caused,
wonder how people could be so heartless?

I wish the day warms me up and the night hugs me tight.
I wish but it’s only a wish.
Because when I open my eyes,
the scorching sun burns me and the moon left me cold to death.

I wish upon the star light.
One for my heart most desired.
Bucket of fortune or serene night.
Peaceful life surely to be treasured.

I wish not fate is fated.
For I have seen enough tears.
For life is uncertain.
For sorrow must not be the end.

I wish I could feel love.
That lasts from summer to fall.
Those texts and a bouquet of rose.
Just love or leave, once for all.



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