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You Are Not Alone!

I’m here to stay

Despite of the loss of loved ones… you may shed your tears but I pray it’s not your hope.

Despite of the heart breaks… you may drown in sorrow but even a slight presence of love hopefully will remind you of its good side ought to be cherished.

Despite of the hopelessness and despairs… somewhere in-between those thin line of life, find your way back and never give up.

Despite of the meaningless and worthless life… do not base your worth on certain status, but according to your own true self and may you find the one you seek.

Despite of the downfall… have faith and be patient a little longer because there will be rainbow after the rain.

Despite of the emptiness… when pills and thrills are just another temporary relief, overflow it with compassion and kindness.

Despite of the lonely feeling in the crowd of familiar faces… put out your biggest smile, and pretend believe you will be okay.

Despite of the suicidal thoughts… the heart may drains out and the feet are weary yet one thing is certain to keep holding on for one more time and make peace with yourself.

Be strong loves!


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