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Stay Hydrated In Class With Prada Water Flask

Photo: Prada Stainless Steel Water Bottles 350ml and 500ml

More and more fashion companies are taking part in supporting environmentally-friendly products emphasize on sustainability, and we simply can’t help to notice luxury brand Prada as it released the Re-Nylon collection piece including this stainless steel water bottle as part of Project Earth.

The water bottles come in black & silver color, and two sizes: 350ml & 500ml. It has an elegant metallic finish and minimalist design, also features an embossed lettering logo that gives it an iconic look. Provided with a snap-hook and detachable ring fastening, it easily latches onto your on-the-go bag for instant hydration. Prada stainless steel water bottles range from €65-75.

Time to say goodbye to disposable water bottle and hello to Prada’s eco-friendly alternative!

Video: Unboxing Prada Stainless Steel Water Bottle 500ml
(Music: Views | Musician: @iksonmusic)

Prada also co-brands with Black+Blum to supply a selection of reusable lunch boxes and cutlery sets as another latest move towards sustainability. (Read: Black+Blum Co-Brands With Prada: Detail, Price & More.)


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