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Best Mentai Rice and Onigiri in Makassar: @lollyrice.mks

📍 Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Calling out for Japanese food lovers in town! 📢📢📢
I’d like to share my review about @lollyrice.mks that serves one of the best mentai rice and onigiri in Makassar.

Mentai rice and Onigiri @lollyrice.mks

But first thing first…

Get to Know More About Mentai Rice and Onigiri

Mentai rice or mentaiko is a Japanese food that has become a trend overnight lately. It consists of rice, salmon (other modified filling such as beef, chicken, sausage or shrimp), and torched mentai sauce as topping. Mentai sauce itself is a mixture of fish eggs marinated with mayonnaise. The blend combination of savory filling and creamy goodness of mentai sauce is simply heavenly.

Inside mentai rice: chunky salmon, kani, and seaweed.

On the other hand, onigiri or also known as Japanese rice balls has been the all-time favorite. It consists of rice, dried seaweed, and filling of salted grilled salmon (optional) with a triangular shape.

@lollyrice.mks Specialties

Mentai rice

I have tried a few mentai rice and I should say @lollyrice.mks serves one of the best mentai rice in Makassar. The rice is moist, with big piece of salmon chunks (same as their beef and chicken filling), loads of crabsticks and layer of seaweed (nori). You couldn’t simply explained the creamy goodness taste in your mouth, you should try it yourself to know it!


Now, shall we move on to the next menu with same savory taste? Their onigiri is perfect for ‘grab & go’ snack because you don’t even have to heat it up, or if you’re in mood for a warm meal, just toast them lightly on a pan brushed with sesame oil for 2-3 minutes. I love all of the fillings- salmon, beef and chicken but my most favorite is spicy yakiniku. (To feel the tender meat spiced up inside your mouth, oh so mouthwatering🤤!)

Wait no longer! This is definitely a must try you wouldn’t want to miss. Kindly drop your DM at Instagram (IG): @lollyrice.mks.

Instagram: @lollyrice.mks


🍛 Mentai rice 🍛

Single (pan 10×15 cm)
Salmon mentai: Rp. 49,000
Beef mentai: Rp. 55,000
Chicken mentai: Rp. 39,000
Change to shirataki rice additional Rp. 15,000

Triple (pan diameter 22 cm)
Salmon mentai: Rp. 165,000
Beef mentai: Rp. 195,000
Chicken mentai: Rp. 125,000
Mix salmon-beef: Rp. 185,000
Mix salmon-chicken: Rp. 142,000
Mix beef-chicken: Rp. 155,000

* Mentai cake for special occasion is available with size varies *

🍙 Onigiri 🍙
Salmon mentai: Rp. 20,000
Beef mentai: Rp. 20,000
Chicken mentai: Rp. 18,000
Spicy yakiniku: Rp. 25,000

Dōzo omeshiagarikudasai! 🙂


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